Patient Messaging via MyChart

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Patient Messaging

If you need to communicate with a patient in writing, you can use Patient Messaging in Epic. This allows you to send secure messages to patients via MyChart, our patient portal. It is Main Line Health policy to NOT communicate with patients via your personal or MLH email account. Using Epic’s built-in patient messaging ensures that Patient Health Information remains secure on MLH servers, and that a record of patient interaction is maintained inside of Epic.

Sending a message

  1. Open your InBasket by clicking the open-letter tab, located under the Epic button.


  1. Click and select a patient to create a new message.


  1. Enter a subject and message body. Click to send the message.


Message options

Unread Message Notification

You can request a notification if the patient does not read this message within a certain timeframe. This is selected by default for all patient messages, with a default setting of 2 days.



Allow Reply Directly to Me

If you are part of a practice that uses a Clinical Support pool to receive patient messages, you can check this box so that the patient’s response will bypass the pool and be sent only to you.



Delivery Date

If you would like to delay the delivery of a message, you can see delayed messages are sent by an automated process at 5:00PM on the specified day.





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