MAR Edits for Dual Sign Off Meds

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Flowsheet Data Is Filed for a Canceled Administration when a nurse doesn’t complete the Dual Signoff Process.


  1. Dual sign off medication (heparin, insulin software calculator, Lasix CHF)
  2. Initial Nurse documents flowsheet rows
  3. Initial Nurse clicks accept but then clicks cancel signoff

Background: Epic will still save the flowsheet documentation. The nurse will need to delete this data.

  • When the Dual Sign off Medication administration is cancelled for critical medications (e.g. heparin, insulin software calculator, Lasix CHF), this flowsheet data will need to be discarded.


  • Epic window will appear saying to “discard” documentation – however, this is only for the MAR administration, and does not apply to the flowsheet row documentation (for example, the blood glucose values).

  • The nurse will need to delete the documented data via the flowsheet activity.
  • This is important so the data documented on the cancelled administration does not appear for the subsequent administration.


  1. Go to flowsheet activity and click on the magnifying glass to open flowsheet template tabs.
  2. Select the “MAR Edits” flowsheet template in Preference List tab.
  3. Find the documentation that needs to be deleted and delete each instant that is not correct.

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