Epic Launch Refuel – March 26, 2018 – Pathology Results in MyChart

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What You Need to Know
  Pathology Results in MyChart: MyChart is designed to auto-release pathology results after 10 days. However, it was identified that when a patient signed up for MyChart, the system was disregarding the 10-day delay and releasing all pathology results immediately. While the PIVOT team works to resolve the issue, the auto-release of any pathology results is suspended. Providers can choose to release a result to MyChart on a patient-specific basis in the meantime.
Launch Fast Facts
Resolved Epic support tickets

Outstanding tickets

The PIVOT team is working to address and resolve all outstanding tickets. To-date, we have resolved nearly 85% of all entered tickets. We appreciate your support in helping us continue to resolve any issues by providing as much detail as possible when entering a ticket through ServiceNow or speaking with the Intake & Triage Center.

Tip Sheets

Since Friday, we have created 16 tip sheets in Epic. Please review the Learning Home dashboard for the latest updates.

Transformation of the Day
The launch of Epic is a major transformation for Main Line Health. Acclimating to a new system while continuing to provide superior care to patients was a true challenge, but staff all across the System stepped up to the task and succeeded. You all put your training into practice and likely learned some new things in the process all while maintaining our commitment to a culture of safety and the patient experience.


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