ED to IP Admission Order Reconciliation – Managing the COVID-19 Every 6 Days Lab Order

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When a patient is seen in the Emergency Department, an initial COVID-19 test and a repeat Every 6 day COVID-19 test will be ordered by the ED provider.  If patient is admitted, the provider performing admission order reconciliation will need to reconcile the order.   

If the initial ED COVID-19 test is Positive“Discontinue the Every 6 days COVID-19 lab order.   

If the initial ED COVID-19 test is Negative or Pending, “Continue” the Every 6 days COVID-19 lab order.  

The tip sheet outlines the steps in detail for reconciling the order in Admission Order Rec and additional scenarios.  This tip sheet can also be found in the What’s New section of the Learning Home Dashboard. 

ED to IP Adm Order Rec COVID-19 Testing

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