Ambulatory Therapy – MyChart Video Visit using Zoom Integration

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LIVE 6.22.2020

The Zoom visit can now be launched directly from Epic Hyperspace from a Video section inside the Visit navigator. This allows Video Access and Healthcare data to be shared securely between provider and patient and is necessary for HIPAA-compliance.

The Zoom integrated visit allows for an unlimited number of participants to join the Visit

Easier for Patients

Patients can launch video visits directly out of MyChart web and MyChart Mobile. A Begin Video Visit button appears in their appointment details.

If the patient does not have a MyChart activated account, the scheduler will assist the patient in setting up their MyChart account.

Easier for Therapists

Zoom automatically updates the appointment status; When a patient joins the call, the appointment status is updated to “Arrived- Check In” directly from the department schedule.

Start a scheduled video visit

Find the patient’s MyChart video visit on the schedule and open the encounter.

When you are ready to connect with the patient, click   Launch Video Visit in the Connect section of your navigator.

After connecting, the video window opens so you can see the patient. Along the bottom of this video, you’ll see a thumbnail display of your camera, which is what the patient will see on her device. 

You can reduce the patient screen image on your screen in order to complete your documentation as you are viewing the patient

Tips for conducting the video visit

If you have the patient’s video visit open on your desk top, you can update the patient’s chart during the visit and write your note as usual.

Keep the following options in mind if you need to adjust the video or audio:

  • The patient has a Patient Privacy button on their video visit window, which allows them to turn off the video while they are changing their clothes, for example.
  • You can use these buttons in the video window to do the following:
    • Click  to temporarily turn off your webcam.
    • Click   to adjust the volume.
    • Click   to mute your microphone.
    • Hover over   to reposition the video window. Buttons appear so you can move the window to different parts of the screen with one click.
    • Click   to choose which camera device you’d like to use if your organization has multiple devices set up for telemedicine.

Close the video window and sign the visit.

When you are ready to conclude the video visit with the patient, click End in the video screen and conclude the documentation required to Sign the Visit

Adding Video Column to the Schedule

The Video column will default for the department schedule view. For individual schedules, each therapist must add the video column for display.

To add the video column, right click the therapists name and select properties.

Type “video” in the search box. Select the column and click Add Column.

You can move your selected column to the location you prefer in your schedule by using the up/down arrows. Then select Accept.

Navigator Change

For ease of charging telemedicine visits and to decrease potential errors, the Telemed Charges group will be moved to a new location in the Assessment navigator. Staff will select the appropriate Telemed Charges and then continue to Charge Capture to Accept Charges.

**This information is also found as a Tipsheet on the Learning Home Dashboard. An instructional video can be accessed here Therapist MyChart Video Visit

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