Credentialed Trainers (CT)

Category: Epic Roles

Credentialed trainers, sometimes just called trainers, use the curriculum, lessons, and training materials developed by the instructional designer to train end users.

   Data Courier

Category: Epic Application

Hyperspace utility used to copy static records or custom category list entries from one environment to another.

   Database Lookup Tab (Pharmacy)

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

Only available for pharmacists. The tab contains every medication record in the system. Many of the records are not on the formulary. The information comes from a third party data vendor.

   Decision Tracker

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

Tool used in implementation to capture validation points, the decisions made on those points during customer validation sessions, and other pertinent information including (but not limited to) owner and applications affected by the validation point.

   End User Proficiency Assessment (EUPA)

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

Assessments are taken after all training sessions have been completed. End Users will need to pass assessments with a score of 80 percent or higher, in order to have access to Epic at launch.

   EpicCare Ambulatory

Category: Epic Application

Provides support for providers before, during and after the patient visit with structured clinical documentation and workflow support. It ensures that clinical information is stored in a seamless ambulatory electronic medical care record.

   EpicCare Home Health


Epic’s Home Health application.