Clinical Champions

Category: Epic Roles

Clinical champions participate and encourage other clinicians to participate in the design and validation of the system and instill a sense of ownership. They also assist in communication to the user community.

   Clinical References (Ambulatory & Inpatient)

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

An activity from which a clinician can search for patient educational materials concerning clinical topics and provide those materials to patients.

   Coding and Abstracting (All Applications)

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

Coding and Abstracting allows you to complete coding for both patient’s paper and electronic record. It includes verifying the ADT Information, reviewing the final diagnoses, procedures and DRGs calculated by a third- party encoder, and documenting any additional information for chart abstraction.

   Communication Log

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

Activity used to document communication regarding a test or specimen in Beaker. For example, you might use the Communication Log to document the notification of a critical result to a patient’s physician.

   Completion Matching (All Applications)

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

Entering a partial word in a search field instead of a whole word when looking up an item in Hyperspace. EpicCare looks for words starting with the characters entered and displays the results in a selection list.

   Cosign (Ambulatory & Inpatient)

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

Review and authorize an order, note, etc. Orders that require cosigns are orders that are placed for a patient but require additional sign-off from an authorized provider

   CPOM [Computerized Physician / Provider Order Management] (Ambulatory & Inpatient)

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

The process for entering and managing physician orders and instructions electronically. Orders are transferred electronically to departments and staff who are responsible for fulfilling the orders. CPOE enables order entry either point-of-care or off site, decreases delay in order completion, provides duplicate order and incorrect dosage or test error-checking, simplifies posting of charges and inventory management, and minimizes errors associated with handwriting or transcription.