Summary Sentence

Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

A summary of order details that serves as a link to additional order information. Available from order entry activities and navigator sections. The text of the Summary Sentence itself is configurable. Clicking the Summary Sentence opens the Order Composer, where you can modify order details, such as the number of refills for a prescription or instructions for a lab test.


Category: Frequently Heard Epic Terms

A word that can be used to look up a record or category list value, other than the formal title of that record or category list value.


Category: Epic Application

Epic’s Managed Care product. Includes modules to handle enrollment and eligibility of membership, billing premium for insurance coverage, utilization management, payment of claims, customer relationship management, and capitation (both incoming and outgoing).

   Targeted Temperature Manager

Category: Epic Application


Since our transition to EPIC, it was identified that there were some gaps in the order set. A workgroup including Intensive Care Unit CNEs, RNs, and Intensivists reviewed the Targeted Temperature Management order set, Elsevier Clinical Skill, and CBT for RNs.

Changes to the Order Set Live 5/14

  1. Daily Labs – precheck CBC, CMP, PT/INR, PTT
  2. Q6H Labs – add potassium and precheck; precheck magnesium, ABG


The workgroup discussed several additional items with the following decisions made:


Initial Labs:  Blood Cultures x2leave unchecked          

Medications:  Software Calculated Insulin Drip order set – leave off, physician discretion, POCT Q6 remains and could order as indicated


Please refer to the Elsevier Clinical Skill Targeted Temperature Management CE for additional details.  There is an MLH Note attached to this skill with specific details for Main Line Health.  A CBT will be launched July 15th for staff involved in the care of patients requiring targeted temperature management.

   Technical Services (TS)

Category: Epic Roles

Epic’s technical support team who help with the more technical aspects of the implementation process.

   Training Manager

Category: Epic Roles

The training manager is the central point of communication for the training team.

The training manager:
• Works with the project director to make sure that overall training needs are met
• leads instructional designers to prepare for end-user training
• creates the overall end-user training schedule
• secures and prepares end-user training facilities
• coordinates scheduling the appropriate level of training for each end user
• makes sure that all end users who need to be trained on the system are sufficiently trained before they gain access to the production system

   Welcome Patient Kiosk

Category: Epic Application

Offers patients self-service options at the start of the care process, via an intuitive touch-screen interface. Welcome lets patients (or their parents and guardians) complete a variety of routine tasks when they arrive at a clinic.